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KMRU is a strong, independent and unique individual whose sensitive and abstract musical flow delivers diverse sounds with soul, warmth, ambient and a touch of nostalgia.

Born in Kenya, Nairobi, KMRU was exposed to many cultures growing up. He picked up music at High School as a subject before joining the school’s choir where he would perform and help the teacher in transcribing music. As a young boy, KMRU was surrounded by musicians, Joseph Kamaru, his grandfather whom he grew up listening to alongside other eclectic selection including Bobby McFerrin, deadmau5 among others.

At 16 he learned a few musical instruments with the focus on Classical guitar. He joined Kenyatta University and which he is majoring in Music Technology. His reason for studying music was because he felt that as a classical guitarist, he had to deepen his overall music knowledge; develop his music reading, advance his music theory and learn about music technology. Months later he discovered the art of music production through his classmates, Hendrick and Amenya, who had been producing for a year now.

Making music followed with lots of experimentation and recording sounds. “I would always record class lectures and students laughing in class and mess around with them on Ableton.” Collaborating on the way with Hendrick, a year later, KMRU was signed with a German record Label, Black Lemon Records, in September 2016 jump-starting him to making more music and collaborating.

In early 2017, KMRU released his debut album, Euphoria, which everything was played with a computer and a mouse. This unveiled his musical experiments since the inception of KMRU and also scooping top 100 on Beatport charts.

“I became more persistent, I never stopped experimenting in my bedroom, and I had to sacrifice my social life to further on my career.”

In 2017, the same year as the release of his album, KMRU was chosen to participate at the East African Soul Train, an artist residency project bringing East African creative together to collaborate around a train journey, with Jojo Abot as the director. This led to more music collaboration, releasing his first collaborative Ep, ‘EAST’ with Manch!ld which was a compilation of different sounds, conversations recorded during the entire residency.

Later mid-year 2017, KMRU started deejaying after a two-week workshop with Midi Minds. KMRU had intended to start performing his live sets in 2018 but his plans changed. His first gig was at Igiza Lounge with Wambui (Fluid) who became his mentor.

“I would call her for all my CD-J’s practice sessions and we would go back to back sets.” “I began to be exposed to more electronic music from different parts of the world, started making more electro music and began to build my courage as a DJ”

Been exposed more to Nairobi’s electronic music scene, KMRU got to perform at main clubs such as the Alchemist and later found himself performing for over 1500 people at Nyegenyege Festival in Uganda and later for Bayimba Festival in Uganda.

“Djing became an obsession and didn’t want to stop!

2018 KMRU started gaining more of a reputation for making thoughtful electronica blending the sound with field recordings that span a wider spectrum of musical ideas. This year marked the release of KMRU’s single ‘Byculla’, ATTLAS Further Remix and couple of field recordings from his home country, Kenya. By focusing solely on his field recordings and ambient compositions, KMRU has been able to combine and further develop his unique sound aesthetics to complete an EP driven by his mutual love for natural environment and love for electronic music. Debuting his first ambient Ep with a new label.

KMRU spends his life immersed in music continuously releasing music with his label, randomly surprising his listeners with diverse sounds on his Soundcloud. In 2018 he continues his journey on releasing new music and collaborations. At the moment he is working on his second album, which draws you in, telling a story of his journey in Sound design and Field recording. 2017 has been a collaborative year for KMRU and he has so many artists on his 2018/2019 list such as ATTLAS, LUNR, Monkfed, Poetra Asantewa, and Perera Elsewhere.

Always a keen experimenter and Innovator, KMRU continues to constantly push the boundaries of music, and in addition to his solo and scoring works for a number of collaborative projects. Currently scoring for three films, in Russia, Israel, and Nairobi respectively.

“I made a leap of faith into choosing this as a career and putting every last ounce of energy into it. Every achievement was because I gave 110% of myself and sacrificing things in my life.”


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